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Sidewalk cleaning

Keeping the sidewalks of your Selinsgrove business clean and well-maintained is an important part of any exterior lot maintenance routine. Kleen-N-Brite Power Washing LLC offers a great sidewalk cleaning service tailored specifically to commercial buildings to help keep them clean and safe for daily foot traffic. We're proud to offer some of the absolute best Selinsgrove pressure washing services on the market, and we're here to help you keep your business running at peak performance all year round!

Walkway Washing

The outdoor walkways of your Selinsgrove business are some of the first and last things that your customers see, so keeping them professionally maintained with our sidewalk cleaning service can really make a world of difference. Our pressure washing experts will thoroughly clean your sidewalks to completely renew and refresh their overall look and feel, helping you leave a great lasting impression on everyone who walks them. Just like sidewalk cleaning, using our professional parking lot cleaning service helps you keep all areas of your commercial property in perfect working order each and every day.

Boost Your Safety Rating With Our Services

Professional sidewalk cleaning works wonders towards keeping your sidewalks looking great, but did you know that it also helps boost the overall safety of your outdoor pathways as well? Dirt and grime build-up can create a slippery layer over the surface of your sidewalk, posing a potentially hazardous slip-and-fall risk to all those who walk on it on a daily basis. Professional pressure washing easily blasts away this unwanted layer of grime to reveal cleaner concrete with much better traction for daily use.

Not only does our service help with safety when it comes to foot traffic, but it also helps promote better health by ridding your concrete of substances like algae, mold, and mildew. Algae by itself isn't inherently harmful, but the conditions in which algae thrives are also perfect for the development of mold and mildew. We can get rid of all of it quickly and efficiently, leaving your commercial property in much better condition by the time we're done!

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