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Fence cleaning

Adding a fence around your Selinsgrove residential property is a fantastic way to provide a safe space for both children and pets to run around and play while also keeping unwanted neighbors and critters at bay. To ensure that your fencing lasts you a lifetime, why not add our professional fence washing service to your exterior home upkeep routine? The experts here at Kleen-N-Brite Power Washing LLC provide top-tier pressure washing in Selinsgrove and beyond. Our fence washing service is just one of many amazing offerings we have for residential properties.

Why You Should Hire A Professional

Compared to other exterior surfaces, manual fence maintenance is typically a little easier and more accessible due to its placement on your property. However, hiring a professional for a service like pressure washing can help you save time, money, and resources in the long run. Fences add value to your Selinsgrove property, and maintaining them with our fence washing service can help you get a much higher return on investment should you ever need to sell.

To elaborate a little more, hiring a professional helps in the following ways:

  • A professional fence washing gives your fencing boards a thorough clean that lasts much longer than manual scrubbing, saving you time on upkeep between professional washes
  • Pressure washing your fencing at regular intervals helps strengthen and maintain its structural integrity, potentially helping you avoid any costly repairs down the line
  • A good fence wash is the perfect way to prime the surface of your fencing boards for any planned renovations such as a fresh coat of paint, helping the new color stick to the clean surface flawlessly

Keeping the perimeter of your home clean is the perfect way of boosting your curb appeal, but why not go the whole nine yards with our house washing service? With this service, we can quickly clean the exterior shell of your home to leave it looking better than ever before!

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