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House washing

Much like a flower arrangement in the middle of a holiday dining spread, your home is the centerpiece of your Selinsgrove property. Professional house washing will help keep your home looking absolutely flawless from each and every angle, giving an instant boost to both your mood and your curb appeal. Kleen-N-Brite Power Washing LLC is the number one choice when it comes to pressure washing for Selinsgrove properties, so you can sit back and relax knowing that our house washing service is performed by industry experts each and every time!

Exterior Home Cleaning

Pressure washing is one of the most effective and eco-friendly forms of exterior cleaning, and it's perfect for the outer shell of your home. Manually cleaning your home can be an incredibly difficult task, especially with the harder to reach areas up by your roof. With our professional house washing service, we can quickly and easily clean the entirety of your home to leave it looking better than ever before.

Looking for another one of our fantastic services to keep your entire home looking and feeling its very best? We also offer a comprehensive roof cleaning service to rid your roof of common issues like stains and organic growth!

How Often Should I Wash My Home?

For most Selinsgrove homes, an annual house washing is usually sufficient in keeping your siding in great shape all year round. The exterior shell of your home can accumulate dirt, grime, and organic growth throughout the year, and one professional wash annually can usually keep all of it bay. However, there are certain circumstances in which your home may need our services more frequently, and the following list explains just a few of them.

You may need a more frequent house wash if:

  • Your home sees a lot of sun. - Constant exposure to the sun can lead to sun discoloration, leaving your siding looking spotty and less than stellar.
  • You live in a dry and dusty area. - Wind can kick up dust and dirt onto the side of your house, and without enough rainfall to wash it away in between house washings, your siding will look dingy and dull for longer.
  • Your area sees a lot of inclement weather. - Storms and other weather events not only put a dent in the aesthetics of your property, but they can cause damage to your siding as well.

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